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PPC management, or pay-per-click management, is a service provided to real estate investors and similar businesses to manage advertising spending. The goal is to use the entity's system data and additional pertinent information to make recommendations on spending and areas of focus.

A PPC management company like Adverank takes the information they collect to provide tailored daily recommendations designed to help those investors use their PPC advertising budget most effectively.

PPC for real estate investors, used correctly, can provide more exposure and better visibility online. For example, using Google Ads for real estate investors is highly effective and, when managed correctly, can significantly impact viewer interest, traffic, and, ultimately, the bottom line. It is a primary tool for creating a successful PPC campaign online. 

Adverank provides advanced PPC management for real estate investors who want to get the most ROI and see noticeable results. There are many factors to consider when launching and maintaining a PPC campaign. An example would be how to use negative keywords for real estate. Negative keywords are a technique used to filter ads. Using those keywords prevents ads from appearing to individuals using those negative keywords and phrases.

This usage is essential for lowering the cost of a PPC campaign by avoiding clicks that won't benefit the campaign and keeping the goal focused.

Another feature of PPC management is the occupancy rate.[1] This figure is related to the total available space. This rate sheds light on information and details related to real estate and posted properties. 

This value can be expressed in a percentage. It can help provide details on the occupancy rate of a condo, hotel, retirement center, or similar housing or rented spaces. When you use the proper PPC management for real estate investors, you'll learn the key features of a successful PPC strategy and how analytics and generated data can propel a campaign in the right direction by making daily recommendations and providing insights. 

Many parts of a well-constructed PPC campaign can easily be managed by modern PPC management for real estate investors who want to get the most visibility and interest for their advertised properties. That's why teaming up with Adverank proves to be an intelligent move that propels PPC advertising to new heights and gives users better results faster. 

PPC Management Software

PPC management software allows you to attract new customers. This software is designed to work quickly to provide results that can be measured for effectiveness daily. It can serve as a primary avenue for marketing for real estate investors. That's one reason why it's so important to use modern software managed effectively by teams like Adverank, who know how to provide their customers with tools and details that allow them to streamline their results.

There are some key features and benefits specifically for real estate investors when they harness the power of top PPC budget management software. They get smooth property management system integration with their other technology and platforms. Real-time metrics are also used to provide meaningful information that can be used to tailor and tweak a PPC campaign. You'll also get a daily refresh of the competition in your market locally, complete with search volume information and other useful analytics. Get alerts right to your phone and primary dashboard about any changes in overall occupancy, along with a seamless interface for your mobile phone or tablet so you can access this information from anywhere, even when you're on the go. 

Staying on your budget is essential to ensure you don't cut into your generated revenue, so PPC budget management software can be very beneficial. This software can effectively direct your efforts where they make the most impact for real estate investors. It provides users with up-to-the-minute performance information and generates advice for where to focus efforts for better results. 

Automated PPC management tools allow for flexibility, transparency, and convenience for users who want to get more out of their PPC campaigns. Whether you're looking for Google Ads or Amazon PPC management software, Adverank has you covered. 

Best PPC Software

You might wonder how to implement automation if you're a self-storage manager or operator. 

Today's best PPC software providers offer a wide range of options and tools that make online marketing easy and effective for real estate investors. They offer both industry standard and some unique features designed for Google Ads and Amazon targeted ads. Consider the following options for the best PPC software available today. 


Adverank is the best Google Ads management software provider for real estate investors and storage facility management. They offer multiple integration options and plenty of tools and features that make it simple to focus your resources on specific areas of your PPC campaign. They provide up-to-the-minute information that helps users understand focal points and provides advice and support for allocating those resources effectively. It's also one of the best PPC software Amazon management options. Adverank is a top fractional marketing service that allows users to apply the necessary changes at the right time and place to get the most.

Helium 10 

Helium 10 is a good choice for real estate investors with a campaign focused primarily on Amazon advertisements. It provides the user with optimization tools and assists with helping to navigate the platform. This option relies on Adtomic. This AI-powered software automates most of the processes and offers assessments about your PPC campaign so you know what areas need work.


Opteo is one of the most widely used software solutions for PPC marketing across many brands and industries. This software features plenty of tools and provides the user with recommendations for improving your marketing campaign. It specializes in Google Ads campaigns and offers 40 types of improvements for your marketing strategy. It also features budgeting tool options, Google Ad reporting, metrics, slack integration, and more.

AI Ppc Management

AI PPC management tools allow for the advanced automation of many key features of PPC management software. This helps reduce response times and gives users more insights and predictions for performance. 

In instances where a marketing agency sales funnel strategy is employed, AI automation can help gain insights. These tools provide many benefits to funnel marketing companies. Some tools provided can include the following. 
  • Predictive analytics
  • Marketing automation
  • CRM
  • Chatbots
  • Email

The marketing agency sales funnel is more effective when it's used with a robust and streamlined PPC marketing campaign. The use of AI makes this process faster and easier to optimize.

AI-powered tools take the various tasks and make them simplified and easy to handle and understand. Where these processes used to be done by hand or by less advanced analytics and data processing, they can be accomplished in no time and provide up-to-the-minute details. 

Google Ads

Google AdWords is an essential tool for any real estate investor. This highly effective tool provides access to PPC marketing campaigns. The goal is to reach your target audience located anywhere on the internet where your ads are featured. The Google pay-per-click real estate benefit is substantial and worth the investment. 

Anyone interested in effectively managing a Google Ads campaign can use AdWords Nerds, Adverank, or take a course to learn more and pass the Google AdWords certification course. 

Anyone interested in locating apartments, community housing, or properties can frequently see real estate Google Ads examples during their research. It's the investor's job to ensure their ads get in front of their target audience to generate traffic. Results can be seen with the Google AdWords real estate conversion rate tools and analytics on leading software provided by companies like Adverank.

Adverank proves to be more cost-effective. The AdWords Nerds pricing is around $2k per year, a heavy investment with no flexible pricing options. 

The key to effectively using PPC management is to save money and allocate your resources wisely. Having flexible features and options provides an advantage that gets results. Each client has specific needs, so using a software provider that understands and accommodates those needs makes sense. 

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Get better visibility and response. Gain access to various analytics that make gathering insights less complex. Adverank allows you to integrate your technology and electronic devices to manage your PPC campaign from anywhere. Make quick decisions and learn where to focus your energy and ads to get the most ROI. 

Stop wasting time overpaying for other PPC management tools. Get the flexibility and scalable features that can make a difference in your bottom line. Reach out today and contact one of our helpful team members to get more details or to schedule a demo of the software so you can see what we have to offer our customers. Take charge of your online marketing strategy with smart tools and integrations from Adverank.