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The Texas Self Storage Association (TSSA)[1] is the nation’s most influential, state-based self-storage association. It's a not-for-profit trade association, and, as the name suggests, it's dedicated to serving members of the Texas storage industry, both facility owners and operators.

The TSSA was founded in 1986 by a group of self-storage owners and operators to unite their voices into one louder, stronger voice and positively promote self-storage's growth in Texas. It has become a national force in the self-storage industry, shaping the regulatory environment for self-storage operators at both a state and national level. The TSSA offers many benefits to its members, including:

  • The TSSA Rental Agreement: Often described as the best self-storage lease agreement in the country, the Texas self-storage lease agreement is designed around Texas's unique self-storage laws to protect facility owners and operators.
  • The TSSA Goldbook©: A legal bible for Texas storage facility owners and operators, it features procedural guides, legal content, and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Education and Training: The TSSA organizes regular workshops, conferences, and seminars for members, which cover a wide range of topics and feature expert speakers from the self-storage industry. Many of these events also serve as networking opportunities for industry members.
  • Legal Resources: TSSA members get access to over 80 legal forms, with some in Spanish.
  • Industry Publications: Members get access to numerous publications focused on self-storage, including one produced by TSSA, but not prominently featuring the Texas Self Storage Association logo, the bimonthly _Self-Storage News_ magazine.
  • Vendor Discounts: The TSSA has established numerous partnerships with self-storage industry service providers and vendors. Members can leverage these partnerships to receive discounts and benefits on various products and services.
  • Online Forum: Registered members can participate in discussions on trending topics in the self-storage industry space, ask questions regarding their self-storage business, and receive responses from their experienced industry peers.

Membership to the TSSA costs $260 annually for facility owners, facility management services providers, and developers (with an extra $155 charged for each additional facility owned or managed). Membership for self-storage industry vendors or suppliers is $400.  Membership is also available for companies who own shares in or earn an income from self-storage facilities and facility ownership companies.

In addition, the Texas Self-Storage Association hosts monthly luncheons and seminars in strategic locations around the state, plus an annual trade show and conference, one of the nation's biggest!

Texas Self Storage Show

Texas is home to three of the nation's most popular cities for self-storage[2] and has the most self-storage facilities in the nation[3]. Texas is also host to the largest state-based self-storage organization, and you can be sure that Texas is a hub of activity for self-storage-based shows.

The most anticipated Texas self-storage event is the TSSA annual trade show and conference, _Big Ideas in Storage_[4]. This Texas self-storage show is supplemented, for TSSA members, by monthly Lunch & Learn sessions, each covering a unique element of facility ownership and management.

Inside Self-Storage[5] is an excellent resource for self-storage facility owners and managers. They also offer a self-storage event calendar[6] where you can discover the most significant self-storage events and shows around the nation.

What to Expect at the Texas Self-Storage Show

Attending a self-storage show is a great networking event for anyone interested in the self-storage industry. These shows feature an array of field and industry experts — the keynote speaker at last year’s Texas Self Storage Show was Ken Rutkowski[7] — who provide important insights on key issues and topics.

These shows are not only for industry members. Anyone interested in the self-storage industry by becoming an owner or operator is encouraged to attend. Topics covered in these conferences include the pros and cons of owning storage units, how to start a storage unit business with no money, and, of course, there are discussions on whether owning a storage unit business is profitable, which is especially pertinent in today’s economic climate.

More difficult to find, but still out there, are mini storage trade shows, where similar topics are discussed, but with a focus on the owners of mini storage facilities.

Self Storage Facilities for Sale

If you're looking to purchase a self-storage facility, Texas is a great place to start.

It has more self-storage facilities than any other state, along with its world-class self-storage association. However, before searching for self-storage facilities for sale in Texas, you'll first need to know what you're looking for in terms of size, amenities, location, and how much you're willing to spend.

Once you know your budget and what you’re looking for, you’re ready to start your search. The internet is the best way to narrow it down, and platforms such as LoopNet[8], http://showcase.com [9], and CityFeet[10] are all excellent sites to search for Texas self-storage for sale. You can even search by city if you're interested in a specific location.

You'll find a wide variety of self-storage facilities for sale, including investing in new builds or existing facilities for sale. These facilities can offer RV and boat storage alongside your typical storage units, and some facilities can offer self-storage solutions or RV and boat storage alongside other businesses, such as an RV park or a car wash.

Finding Texas Self Storage for Sale by Owner

If you’re looking for self-storage for sale by the owner in Texas, the best way to find owners selling their properties is by networking and being part of the Texas self-storage facility owners and operators community.

One easy way to introduce yourself to the Texas self-storage owner and operator community is by attending the Big Ideas in Self Storage trade show and conference mentioned earlier. If you fit the criteria to join the association — there are five types of membership[11] — the proviso for most of these memberships is that you’re already part of the Texas self-storage industry.

Self-Storage Business Models

Self-storage might seem like something other than a business operation whose model can vary greatly.

However, creativity is often required for any business to reach its full potential. The basis of all self-storage business models is rental income, but with creativity, some common strategies employed by the savvy and successful self-storage owner can make your business work:

  • RV, Boat, and Vehicle Storage: Many self-storage facilities, especially those outside city limits, have undeveloped or paved but unused areas that can be put to work to earn them rent by offering rental space for RVs, boats, and vehicles.
  • Renters Insurance: Many facilities require insurance but don't offer it. However, if you partner with an insurance broker in your local area, you can receive a commission or fees from the customers you bring them. This is also a value add for tenants and shows them you care.
  • Additional Services: Truck and trailer rentals, packaging supplies, and moving services are some of the more common additional services self-storage facility owners provide. As with renters insurance, facility operators can partner with other companies offering these services and receive a commission for each referral.
  • Auctions and Sale: Tenants can default on their rent or abandon their property on your site. It's often a headache for owners, but some will see an opportunity and organize an auction or sale of the abandoned property — once it is their legal right to do so — generating extra cash flow for their facility and advertising it at the same time.
  • Tenant Referral Programs: As in most industries, your customers are the star of your marketing efforts. Some operators will put this to work by offering discounts on rent or rewards to customers who bring them new business.

On the topic of advertising your self-storage business, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, much like self-storage, has become easier, and the tools provided by Adverank have been refined to make PPC advertising both cost-effective and easy to manage!

Self Storage Association Membership.

Self-storage associations exist in most states in the U.S., such as the Colorado self-storage association.[12] One of their purposes and benefits is to advocate for legislation that benefits its members and self-storage facility owners.

Self-storage association membership in your state means your voice can be heard in advocacy discussions, plus you can network with other professionals. Some organizations, like the California Self Storage Association[13] and Oregon Self Storage Association[14], organize annual or bi-annual events for their members that focus on both national and local issues in the self-storage industry, which helps you stay informed and up-to-date.

The Perks of Self-Storage Association Membership

Self-storage association membership offers many more benefits than just attending conferences or seminars, although some, like the Oklahoma Self Storage Association[15], offer discounted access to trade shows and conventions, such as the Southeastern Self Storage Conference[16] and the New Orleans self-storage conference.

Additional perks of being a self-storage association member include:
  • Subscription to monthly industry magazines
  • Discounts on services and equipment from partner vendors
  • Templates for lease agreements
  • Templates for other forms necessary for running a self-storage business
  • Access to educational materials and classes
  • Legal Resources
  • Access to a community of local and national industry members
  • And so much more!


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