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Have you considered buying a storage units business for sale? Are you unsure how to attract and acquire new storage unit renters?

We’ve got you covered! At Adverank, we understand the challenges many business owners and operators face in the self-storage industry. That’s precisely why we offer SaaS solutions in self-storage advertising — we make PPC easy! 

In the U.S., self-storage experienced historic growth in 2020, reaching nearly $30 billion as an industry. While growth has slowed, the industry still offers numerous opportunities for those looking for investments with a high profit margin. In fact, the industry has become more attractive to investors, especially if you differentiate your business from other storage facilities by using PPC to accurately target potential customers. Once you start exploring, you’ll find an endless stream of customers for a storage units business.

You may think you need to start from scratch with a new building, but that's not always the case. Rather than dealing with land contracts and construction, consider buying existing businesses for sale. But don’t limit yourself to new storage units businesses for sale. There are many potential cash cows to be found, so consider getting your hands on an abandoned storage units business, unpaid storage units business, or used storage units business. 

Depending on the circumstances, you can buy abandoned storage units or used storage units for sale that an owner no longer wants. Sometimes, you can happen upon great finds by attending unpaid storage unit auctions. Keep in mind, however, that many of these storage businesses may require extra cleaning and renovation, but it might be well worth the effort.

Once you purchase a storage units business for sale and it’s ready to occupy, you can use advertising to get new customers. PPC and social media are the perfect way to get the word out that a storage unit has reopened or is under new management. So, if you’re in the market for purchasing storage units or entire facilities, keep reading to learn how to capitalize on this lucrative business.

Self Storage Facility for Sale

When looking for a storage business to buy, you're more likely to find companies listed under “self storage facility for sale.” These could include new or abandoned storage units for sale in Michigan and other localities. 

Storage facilities vary widely from location to location, so choose wisely. Before deciding on a storage facility, make sure it has the following qualities:

  • Cleanliness – Customers don’t want to leave their personal belongings, heirlooms, and other precious items in a place that looks unkempt and dirty. An unclean storage facility is a welcome sign for rodents, bugs, and other issues.
  • Convenience – Renters seek storage facilities near where they plan to move. Carefully consider the location and type of clients you'd like to serve.
  • Accessibility – Ensure customers can easily get in and out of the facility with many vehicle types, including large moving vans. Driveways, garage doors, and other entry points should be easy to navigate.
  • Security – Security is a key factor in the success of a storage units business. From fencing to security cameras and alarms, ensuring customers’ possessions are safe within the facility is essential.
  • Size – Size matters when deciding on a storage facility to own. While 10’ x 10’ units are among the most popular sizes, determine whether you want to offer smaller or larger units, garages or environmentally controlled units, etc.

The ideal storage facility already has these qualities or, if used or abandoned, they can be easily brought up to par. Take your time to find the right storage unit business for you. If you’re lucky, you might get a good deal for a business already up and running or even a family of storage units with locations in and around the town or city. 

Don’t fear taking on several storage facilities simultaneously. All it requires is to implement effective marketing campaigns to keep those units full of customers. Adverank can help you fully automate your business.

Self Storage Business for Sale

Searching for the right self storage business for sale can be frustrating and time-consuming, but knowing where to look can help.

Whether you’re seeking a self storage business for sale by owner or abandoned storage units for sale in Michigan, it may take a little thinking out-of-the-box to find one that fits your business goals. 

You may find a self storage business for sale locally or online. Consider the following places when searching for the perfect storage facility to buy:
  • Local newspaper classified ads
  • Craigslist self storage for sale posts
  • Commercial real estate brokers listings
  • Storage facility auction house listings 

Getting into a new business, whether a storage facility or something else, is to be taken seriously. However, if you’re worried about how to get new customers, worry no more. You don’t need a dedicated marketing staff when Adverank has the PCC and social media tools that can do it all for you.  

Self Storage Facilities for Sale by Owner

You have different options for buying and financing a self-storage or container storage business for sale. In particular, self storage facilities for sale by owner often offer benefits you may find attractive as a potential buyer.

The advantages of "for sale by owner" (FSBO) storage facilities include:

  • You work directly with the current owner rather than an agent
  • There’s no real estate agent commission (cost-savings may pass to you)
  • The seller controls the sales process (closings may happen faster)

Some people prefer to buy a business for sale by the owner, but it depends on your personal preference. In any case, just as you carefully consider every aspect of buying a storage facility, you should also consider how to market your business. 

Whether you use a real estate agent or buy directly from the owner, you can easily improve the return on your investments (ROI) with PPC. As a great lead generation strategy, PPC can help you outperform your competition. Setting up an efficient Google Ads account doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply set your target based on your occupancy goals and budget, and watch the dollars roll in. Plus, with Adverank, you never have to worry about paying commissions on your ad spend.

Unclaimed Storage Unit Auctions.

When a renter fails to pay for their self-storage, the business can legally put a lien on the unit’s contents. If left unpaid after a certain time, the contents typically go up for sale at unclaimed storage unit auctions. You can find many abandoned storage units for sale in Michigan by browsing through storage unit auctions’ list free. Like self-storage units, you may also find a container storage business for sale at an auction.

Digital marketing for your storage units business requires several key steps:

  • Know your ideal storage unit customer
  • Have an online storage rental system in place
  • Make sure your website uses design and SEO best practices
  • Collect and share user reviews and testimonials
  • Offer special promotions and incentives
  • Ensure excellent customer services
  • Use PPC and social media ads on Google, Facebook, etc.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing and adjust accordingly

Unclaimed storage units can be just as profitable as collecting rent. Many people make a nice living from buying abandoned storage units, even without being able to closely examine all the items before bidding (you only get a glimpse of the contents from the open storage unit door). Although sometimes the buyer is left with more junk, they may occasionally find hidden treasures or vintage items worth a lot of money — it’s a chance they take. Either way, the storage unit business owner can usually recoup all or more of the money lost from the nonpaying renter.

Marketing a Storage Units Business Has Never Been Easier

There are many ways to get your foot into the lucrative self-storage industry, one that’s been growing by leaps and bounds.

You can buy a self-storage business that’s abandoned or no longer wanted by its owner. Consider if you want to purchase one through a commercial real estate broker or one offered for sale by the owner. Expand your search radius if you’re not finding what you want close to where you live. Also, don’t forget to look at online listings, such as those on Craigslist and other online website lists. 

Whether you're a business owner, manager, or other organization leader, you may need to realize the effectiveness of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in the self-storage industry. While many consider it too expensive or difficult to manage, you can’t afford NOT to use PPC. However, to take full advantage of PPC, leveraging customer data is essential — and that’s best accomplished using automation. At Adverank, we have everything you need to automate your marketing, speed up your workflows, and meet your occupancy goals. Also, our coaches provide vital insights every step of the way, so you can rest assured knowing that we help you keep track of your progress. 

Are you ready to start leveling up your storage units business marketing? Download our New Self-Storage Advertising Benefits e-book. Then sign up for a demo to see exactly how it all works!