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Storage units are a lifesaver for anyone who needs extra space but doesn’t have “bigger apartment” money. So, basically… all of us!

Price is the most significant factor in choosing a storage unit to rent. You work hard for your money, so you must ensure you’re happy where your money is going. The problem is most people have no idea what they’re looking for when looking at pricing for storage units.

Have you ever tried Googling “How much does a 10x10 storage unit cost per month?” You’re met with 1 million different figures, each as valid as the next. And let’s be honest; it’s pretty hard to wrap your head around why prices can vary so wildly. Because a storage unit is a storage unit, how different can you make them, right? Or at least, that’s what most people think.

You need to understand that no two storage units are built the same. A 5x5 storage unit from one business may be priced wildly differently than a self storage unit of the same size from a different company. Pricing for storage units is a much more delicate math problem.

The reason pricing for storage varies so wildly is that many more variables go into your self storage space than you may have realized. Factors that drive the price of a storage unit include:

  • Location of the storage unit business. 
    This includes geographical areas (such as different states) as well as how easy it is to get there within a town or city.
  • Size of your storage unit. 
    5x5 storage units, 10x10 storage units… the larger the unit, the more space you need, and the more dollars you spend.
  • Location of the storage unit within the facility. 
    Yes, some businesses charge a premium for the easy-access units that don’t require going to the back of the building and using a ladder to reach it.
  • Amenities provided within the facility. 
    From a cup of joe to A/C, extras have a price tag.
  • Extra services offered in conjunction with your storage space. 
    Moving services, van rental, home decor… there are plenty of extra services and add-ons to drive up the price.

Trying to work out if you’re getting the best deal on your storage unit can be a big headache! That’s why we’ve dedicated this article to helping you understand what goes into the pricing of a storage unit and what to keep an eagle eye out for so you can make the best decision when you next rent a storage unit space!

10x10 Storage Unit

The first stop on the self storage tour is a deep dive into the factors that define the pricing of your storage unit. To make life easier, we’ll use the 10x10 storage unit as an example since this is the USA’s favorite storage unit size! 

Let’s start with the basics. What is the average cost of a 10x10 storage unit? According to Forbes[1], a 10x10 storage unit will set you back $150 a month.

If you want to get a 10x10 storage unit cheap, you may find one for $100-125 in some states. But the cheaper you go, the more barebones your storage unit will be. We’re talking in a dark corner with no amenities or extras—just a plain 10x10 box. No frills, no party.

But a few amenities and extras may be well worth the investment even though they increase the price. Let’s start with something we bet you never considered: air conditioning and climate control.

Air Conditioning and Climate Control

When you put your belongings in storage, you have little control over their environment. If you’ve put something in storage, chances are it’s of sentimental value to you, and you want to keep it in one piece. For example, those old family photos (you know, back in the day before computers existed?) — heat can destroy them.

Antiques, clothing, plastic items, upholstered furniture… a 10x10 storage unit climate controlled would ensure your prized possessions stay safe. Is it worth saving $25 a month and taking the risk? That’s a question you have to answer for yourself.

Add-Ons and Extra Services

Another consideration in storage unit pricing is add-ons and extra services. Many people using 10x10 storage units are moving houses or redecorating. That comes with many costs when you need decorators, rental U-hauls, movers, etc.

But what if your storage facility offered these services as part of a storage unit package? It makes it easier and more streamlined to get everything done instead of relying on ten different companies, and it may even save you money in the long run.

Many additional amenities go into your storage unit price. From creature comforts like a free coffee machine to more functional amenities like access to trolleys, ladders, and floor-level units, there’s plenty of food for thought when deciding which unit to go for.

Average Storage Unit Cost

Let’s play a game of averages. Average storage unit cost, that is! Let’s start by managing expectations here.

Prices vary significantly from state to state, not to mention all the great amenities and add-ons we’ve been talking about in this article. So if you’re from New York, Texas, or California, don’t be surprised if you’re paying much more than the averages. You’ve been warned!

Here’s a breakdown of the average storage unit cost in the USA [2]:
  • 5x10 storage unit price: $70/month
  • 10x20 storage unit price: $180/month
  • 10x30 storage unit prices: $260/month
  • 20x20 storage unit cost: $300/month

It’s important to note that the average additional price for locations with climate control is about $25 a month.

Typically, these prices don’t include important factors such as insurance, administration fees, taxes, amenities mentioned above, or add-on extras. That’s why you should always read the small print before making a decision (yes, we know it’s super boring, but hidden costs hurt more than a few minutes of legal jargon and t’s & c’s!).

Most importantly, remember: your state will be the biggest difference in what you pay monthly for your storage unit. According to http://move.org [3], states in the Northwest region typically have the highest storage unit costs (approximately $200 per month for a medium-sized unit) compared to just $160 a month for a similar-sized unit in states in the Southwest region.

Public Storage Prices and Sizes

We now know the average cost of storage units per month depends greatly on the size, location, and extras provided. To make an informed decision when renting a storage unit, you must understand what you want.

Public storage prices and sizes may vary but mean nothing in isolation. Sure, a 10x10 storage unit might be cheaper than a 10x15 unit, but what good if you can’t fit all your stuff in there?

Imagine you’re moving from a 4-bedroom house. The storage costs for four-bedroom house storage depend on the storage size you choose. A 10x30 storage unit is typically big enough to hold all your appliances, furniture, and trinkets. If you’re extremely good at real-life Tetris (and your possessions aren’t too bulky), you might be able to cut costs by getting a 10x20 storage unit. The best way to decide is to visit the storage unit in person.

And we can’t stress this enough — sometimes the add-ons provide the best value for money! A combined U-haul 10x10 storage unit price may save you money instead of finding private van rentals.

So, when you rent your storage unit, make sure you’re not just looking at the price but also the size and extras. Do it right, and you could make some serious savings!

Self storage

Whether you’re looking for a 20x20 storage unit for rent or a 10x20 storage unit drive-up during an extensive home move, there’s much to consider when deciding.

Self storage is a highly cost-effective way to store your stuff without needing a more prominent home space. Because let’s face it, real estate is expensive, and not all of us can afford the luxury of having a bigger living space. Self storage allows us to keep hold of the things that mean most to us without bankrupting us!

So to recap, when you’re looking for your next self storage rental unit, here’s what you need to keep in mind to make sure you get the best bang for your buck:

  • Where is it located? Is it easy to access?
  • Is the size adequate to fit everything I need?
  • Do they have climate control?
  • Is there a premium on storage unit location, and is it worth it to me (if you have back problems, paying for a floor unit is probably worth the extra dollars)
  • Do they have extras and add-ons to help you move, such as access to a U-haul?
  • Do they have extra amenities, and are they worth the additional cost?
  • Are the administration fees and insurance policies clear and adequately quoted?

We know self storage is tricky to understand, but with this article, we know you have what it takes to make the best decision.

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