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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a mode of online advertising where the advertiser pays a fee only when a user clicks their advert. This guarantees that their marketing dollars bring attention to their product or service.

PPC adverts typically focus on keywords, sometimes focusing on customer profiles too. The price paid by the advertiser will vary depending on the demand for the target keyword or demographic. This form of advertising most commonly appears in search engines and on social media platforms.

For example, head to your preferred search engine and search "self-storage." You'll find that the first two or three results are marked with "Sponsored" or "Ad." These companies have paid for the keyword "self-storage." They are operating a PPC marketing campaign—maybe through one of many self-storage PPC services—to generate leads and increase their exposure to potential customers. 

Such a system might seem simple, but, as with everything, there are ways to make it work more efficiently for your business. Self-storage PPC consultants, like Adverank, have decades of experience in the industry. They are entrenched in the world of self-storage PPC services and have the know-how to make your clicks and budget work efficiently for you!

The Benefits of PPC Advertising for Self-Storage Facilities

These self-storage PPC experts can help maximize your marketing budget so your business gets the best possible returns. A self-storage PPC agency like Adverank will ensure that your business gets maximum benefits from PPC advertising. The main benefits of PPC advertising are:

  • An increase in brand awareness by having your business' name pass across the eyes of people shopping for self-storage services. (They don't even have to click on your advert to see your name!)
  • The effective use of marketing dollars by targeting popular and cost-effective keywords in your target area.

PPC advertising offers operators, like those offering self-storage services, the opportunity to be seen by individuals when they require their services. Because of their lack of presence, PPC advertising is an excellent way for self-storage businesses to maximize the impact of their marketing budget. Boosting occupancy and revenue!

Self-Storage Services

The range of self-storage services offered by self-storage facilities can vary greatly. Matching the services offered to the needs of local customers is one of a self-storage facility's highest priorities.

Services will range from location to location, but an extensive list of self-storage services includes:

  • Storage Units: These come in various sizes and are typically used by individuals to store excess household items. These can range from books and miscellaneous items to furniture and white goods. These units are often available in drive-up and walk-up formats, offering tenants multiple forms of convenient access.
  • Climate-Controlled Storage Units: The same as above but in a climate-controlled environment. These are usually located in an indoor, not a drive-up, location. They are ideal for storing valuable and temperature or climate-sensitive items. These include clothes, perishables, paintings, books, documents, etc.
  • RV and Vehicle Storage: Spaces can vary, anywhere from 20–50 feet in length, and is available both covered or uncovered. Some venues even offer indoor RV and vehicle storage spaces for those who need them.
  • Commercial and Business Storage: The above storage options are also used by businesses that have outgrown their current facility. Or by those who have equipment or materials they cannot store on-site. Self-storage locations near highways, population centers, and businesses often promote these services.
  • Moving Services: Many self-storage facilities will offer a moving service to their customers. Some partner with a local moving company, taking a commission or fee with each customer they deliver to them.
  • Packing Supplies: Those who use self-storage facilities will often need packing supplies. So selling these in their office—if they have one—is an excellent way for self-storage facilities to generate income.
  • Truck and Trailer Rentals: Again, those who use self-storage facilities often need the tools to move the stuff they want to store. It is in a facility's interest to help them get their items to their facility, hence offering trucks and trailers for rent.
  • Rental Insurance: Rental insurance is required in some locales and is optional in others. Some facilities will partner with an insurance broker and receive a commission or fee for each tenant referred.
  • 24/7 Access: This is now a common feature of public storage customer service and is in high demand. Customers want to be able to access their stored items on their schedule. Tenants access these facilities using unique key codes used to open automated gates.
  • Online Payments and Account Management: With digitization increasing convenience in almost every aspect of life, many facilities have implemented online management solutions to help them and their customers manage their accounts and make payments.
  • Move-in self-storage: Many self-storage facilities now offer easy move-in self-storage. Here, tenants don't need to contact anyone to purchase and enter the unit. The ultimate in customer service and convenience, and very cost-effective for the facility!

Self-Storage PPC Management

Managing PPC advertising for self-storage should be easy. Digital advertising experts and self-storage operators developed Adverank's ad management platform to provide the best and easiest self-storage PPC management experience.

Effective self-storage PPC management means giving the owner complete control of their advertising and its data. Meaning they can make informed marketing decisions that help them reach their targets. What's great about the Adverank platform is that your PPC advertising is customized to your parameters. This ensures that your advertising dollars work as hard and efficiently as possible to achieve your unique goals.

However, suppose after looking at the self-storage PPC analytics and tracking data, you want to push it a little harder. Then you can override the automation of the software and fine-tune the settings to what you want with just a few clicks! If you want to take your foot off the gas, no problem! You can do that too.

The False Impressions of "Expensive" and "Difficult"

Many shy away from using PPC marketing for their self-storage business. This is because it has been dubbed to be too difficult and expensive.

The truth is that businesses make an average of $2 for every $1 spent on Google Ads, the most popular outlet for PPC marketing. Businesses receive five clicks in the search results for every one click on their ads. If search and ad clicks each deliver the same amount of revenue, then advertisers using PPC ads would receive $11 in profits for every $1 spent on Google ads! [1]

Some say the more difficult something is, the more it is worth doing. But others will forego it for something easier that offers a lower return. Adveranks believes in making the difficult easier while still producing the same stellar results! The Adverank PPC management platform is designed to make PPC advertising for self-storage simple and easy—accomplished with just a few clicks. But it also puts all the data at your fingertips should you want to dive in and take the wheel yourself. Whatever your choices are here, PPC advertising is definitely much easier and more rewarding than it used to be.

Self-Storage PPC Trends And Best Practices

The digital world is constantly evolving as we gather new data and insights. This helps to better inform what we do online, whether we be users or service providers. Self-storage pay-per-click campaigns will always benefit from this growing world of information. This constant evolution produces more effective PPC campaigns for self-storage businesses every day.

PPC Strategies for Self-Storage Businesses

It is never practical to wander blindly into marketing efforts, especially PPC advertising. Operators should always be aware of self-storage PPC trends and best practices to maximize their return. This is why we're offering tips for the best practices for self-storage businesses when they're using PPC advertising:

  • Location, Location, Location: A self-storage business will, almost exclusively, get its business from its local area. So there's no point in your PPC advertisements displaying on the other side of your state. Targeting your locality means that your ads will be viewed by local people who will spend their money at your location.
  • Who's the Competition?: Knowing what you're up against is key to your success. What services are offered by other self-storage locations in your area, and how does your stand out? Highlight what makes you unique! You can also use other companies—not local ones, but big, national chains—to help inspire your advertising efforts. They have some of the best marketers on their teams, so their marketing materials are something to learn from.
  • Connect Google Business: If your ads are connected to your Google business profile, then they can be seen in Google Maps. In an industry where all business is local, this is an excellent tip!
  • Pick Exact Keywords: To get the most out of your marketing dollars, match your keywords to your services and location. Again, with all the business coming from the local area, you'll find that local keywords almost always trump others.

PPC Optimization For Self-Storage.

To optimize your PPC marketing campaign for your self-storage business, it is always best to employ self-storage PPC specialists.

Adverank, who's been in the PPC business for over two decades, is dedicated to working with self-storage businesses and works diligently on PPC optimization for self-storage. They live and breathe this stuff!

If your PPC isn't optimized, your advertising dollars will be spent on clicks that cannot bring you business. PPC optimization for self-storage has a heavy emphasis on location-based advertising, and doing this will increase revenue and occupancy levels.

Specialists like Adverank can help you in maximizing ROI with self-storage PPC advertising, allowing you to reach and sustain your revenue and occupancy goals. All are helping you sleep soundly at night, knowing that your advertising dollars are working as hard as possible for you!



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