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Many people use social media to stay connected to friends and family. However, the importance of incorporating social media into the marketing strategy of self-storage businesses can’t be stressed enough.

Social media is a powerful tool, allowing you to advertise your storage products and services and get massive exposure. 

Self-storage social media marketing can help you level up your marketing game. However, there are many places where you can find customers, literally hundreds of social platforms. Some may be better suited than others for your brand, so choose wisely.

To get started, consider the top three social media platforms — Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. [1]

Facebook (2.89 billion users) 

Facebook is the largest and most active social media platform. Market researchers reported that Facebook had reached almost 3 million users, more than 37% of the entire population around the globe. [2]

Join 200 million small business owners and add self-storage Facebook marketing to the top of your list. Keep in mind that while the average user clicks on 12 ads each month, Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes interactions between friends and family. 

YouTube (2.20 billion users) 

YouTube, also considered a search engine like Google, is the second largest platform. This social platform is an excellent option if you use videos as part of your storage branding. YouTube users watch billions of videos daily, so you may benefit from YouTube ads. 

Instagram (1.39 billion users)

 Instagram is well known as a place for users to share mainly visual content and is very popular with influencers. Whether through photos or videos, self-storage Instagram marketing offers many opportunities to reach potential customers and engage with those renting storage units from you. 

While social media marketing can be done far and wide, there’s something to be said about focusing on customers in your vicinity. You have the potential to reach nearly 5 billion social media users — that’s the majority of the world’s population (60%) and the US population (84%). [1] However, that’s just not realistic or practical (unless you have deep pockets). 

Storage businesses, in particular, would benefit by leveraging local advertising. 

Self-Storage Social Media Management 

Social media has been a game-changer for businesses seeking to reach their customers. While you have potential access to billions of people, becoming a popular brand on social media is challenging unless you’ve already established a following. That’s where the concept of “going local” comes in! 

Geotargeting and local advertising on social media are effective ways to attract customers to specific self-storage locations. It adds more relevancy to your efforts, so you don’t spend too much time, energy, and money on ads viewed by people who can’t benefit from your products. 

Local Social Media Marketing

So, what exactly is local social media? 

Local advertising is similar to general advertising, except you focus on customers near your self-storage business. Instead of creating ads that show up on the feeds of people who live throughout the US, you can set up the ads to only show to those who reside within a limited geographical area. For example, you can target people by zip code and surrounding areas. 

If you look around, everybody has a smartphone and is constantly looking at it. You can reach those customers with social media ads. In addition, local advertising can build brand awareness and strengthen your reputation in your community. Plus, it gives you a huge advantage over competitors that don’t use local ads. 

The idea of advertising on Facebook or Instagram may sound too intimidating. However, self-storage social media management can be handled by yourself, through an in-house marketing department, or outsourced. Advertising isn’t too expensive or hard to manage, but it pays to get assistance from experts in the field. 

Self-Storage Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, both young and older generations have become accustomed to using technology.

Smartphones and mobile devices greatly affect how people live and work. That’s precisely why businesses should leverage technology and take advantage of self-storage social media marketing. 

Finding customers using social media and running a storage facility has never been easier. Customers can do everything using their phone, tablet, or computer, from asking questions about their move to reserving a storage unit. When developing or revising your business plan, consider more modern methods. 

Create content and ads so that customers can find you through social media. Then, make it simple and easy for them to sign up for your services online. In addition, you can set up your business so customers can gain access to self-storage plus other conveniences. For example, self-storage plus pay-by-phone or online options allow renters to place a downpayment and pay their monthly storage fee. 

The greatest thing about self-storage social media marketing is that it’s a way to spread word of mouth. When customers see how easy it is to use your storage facility and pay their bills, they’ll tell their friends and family. If you’re lucky, they may even share your or their content. User-generated content from loyal customers can hold much more weight than generic Facebook or Instagram ads.

Self-Storage Coaching

Where do you go to learn about the self-storage industry? 

Marketing isn’t the only benefit of using social media. Social media plays a significant role in providing coaching and educational resources for storage businesses. Coaching is the way to go if you’re looking for ways to improve as a leader and increase the success of your self-storage facilities.

What Is a Self-Storage Coach?

 When you think about coaching, you probably envision a coach training a sports team and motivating the players to win. Or maybe you know people who’ve had a life coach, which has become all the rave, especially for people looking for higher levels of happiness. 

Who said you couldn’t have a self-storage coach too? After all, the coach’s job is to guide you and help you improve your performance, whether performing a sport, living life, or running a storage facility.

Finding a Self-Storage Coach

Self-storage coaching and resources can be found online in several places. In particular, many industry-specific organizations offer this kind of invaluable help. 

When you need a self-storage coach, consider connecting with the right one through one of the following types of organizations: 

In addition to these organizations, consider others that cater to small businesses. These include organizations such as the Small Business Administration (SBA) and your local chamber of commerce. 

It can be tricky to find the right person to work with. Ideally, you’ll want to connect with a current or previous self-storage business owner with a proven track record in the industry. They’ll be equipped with the business skills necessary to run a storage facility efficiently and successfully.

The best self-storage coach will also be one who is inspiring, provides feedback, and offers suggestions.

Social Media Strategies for Self Storage.

Knowing where to start can be challenging, even for seasoned marketing professionals. As more and more social platforms pop up and consumer trends change, staying up to date is vital.

Nevertheless, social media strategies for self-storage can be implemented by following these simple steps:

  • Define your target audience and create personas
  • Identify the social media platforms best suited to your brand
  • Set clear social media goals that align with your business goals
  • Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure
  • Research your competitors to see what they’re doing
  • Create engaging content and interact with followers
  • Encourage employees to act as brand advocates

Social Media Best Practices for Multiple Self-Storage Locations

If you’re a self-storage owner or operator of multiple locations, these steps still apply. However, you’ll want to determine how to handle the brand on your social media platforms. Your social media strategy should include marketing your brand as a whole company as well as individual property locations. 

Some social media platforms, such as Facebook, allow you to create a single brand page with individual location pages. Whatever you decide, ensure you have enough resources to handle the added workload of managing multiple brand and location pages.

Drive Occupancy With Smart Advertising on Social Media

When you focus your income on self-storage investments, knowing how to use social media for smart advertising is essential. It can make or break your self-storage business, which relies on filling as many units as possible. If you lack the know-how or resources to do social media, then consider hiring an agency like Adverank.

Adverank is a tech-enabled ad management platform designed for the self-storage industry. Our unique approach changes how facility owners and operators attract and acquire customers via social media and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. We have a team of experts on hand who are ready to help you reap the many benefits of self-storage advertising

Is your storage business performing the way you’d like? Are you effectively using social media as part of your marketing strategy? Need help getting your social advertising campaigns up and running? Contact us to schedule a demo and see how accessible social media marketing can be.


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[2] https://datareportal.com/reports/digital-2023-april-global-statshot