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As you scale your self-storage facility business, you must find ways to automate tasks and learn more about your customer base. Luckily, there are tools out there that can help you streamline your business and grow faster.

Small business owners tend to wear many hats. From bringing in new leads to operating the business, entrepreneurs juggle competing priorities. With so many fires to put out daily, it can be hard to judge what's most important for your business. 

Self-storage facility management software can help grow your small business fast and efficiently. These tools help you manage your bookkeeping, tenant management, and operations for your business. Not only will these tools save time, but they will also help you use customer data to better market your business and build revenue. Finding an all-in-one tool to manage so many different functions in your business is well worth the investment.

In this guide...

We will break down the most important functions of self-storage facility management software for small businesses. We'll give you a list of the top-rated tools out there for self-storage business owners and the costs you can expect from these tools. From accounting to property management, you can find a tool that fits your business.

Self-Storage Accounting Software

If you're doing your own accounting, as most business owners do, then you need a property management system with accounting tools. Proper bookkeeping is essential to the health of your self-storage facility. Understanding your finances can mean hours of expense reporting, invoicing, and recording transactions. You could be limiting your success and potential revenue without a proper system in place to handle your finances.

Fortunately, there is easy-to-use self-storage accounting software that can save you time and effort. Most self-storage management systems offer accounting functions to automate your most time-consuming tasks.

When you use a property management system, you want to take a close look at its account management capabilities. Tools that offer expense tracking and financial account management can help you maintain an accurate Chart of Accounts. Having a chart of accounts for self-storage businesses will help you keep track of the movement of your money across accounts.

When choosing the right system for your business, you'll want to look at these key accounting functions:

  • Expense reporting and tracking
  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Account tracking and automatic payments for clients
  • Tracking accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Tracking overdue payments and delinquent accounts
  • Assist with tax prep by keeping your documents and records organized

Self-Storage Manager Software

You can use management software to improve your facility's operations and make life much easier for your property manager.

On-site operations for your property will run more smoothly with automated tasks, online document management, and task lists for your team. If you are making the investment in a self-storage management system, there need to be a few specific features for your operations:

Facility Management

How amazing would it be to assign new units, check the availability of units, and manage maintenance requests at the click of a button? The right management software will help your property manager check unit availability and assign them to new tenants.

Here are some key features for facility management:

  • Manage different unit types
  • Accept and manage maintenance requests electronically
  • Assign units to new tenants
  • Manage discounts
  • Automate workflows
  • Track facility access
  • Tasks calendar for your team

Tenant Management

So many services for tenants become time sucks for property managers, from invoicing payments to online booking. Many software programs build better communication for tenants and an easier booking process.

Here are some key features for tenant management:

  • Online tenant invoicing and account management
  • Track delinquent payments and fees
  • Tenant access to account information through an online portal
  • Completing reservations and leasing online
  • Tenant screening

Sales Management

Building sales requires more than a website or social media. Even if you have the leads coming in, the ease of your sales process is going to impact your business.

Here are some key features for sales management:

  • List your property on popular directory services
  • Schedule lead follow-up calls in your system
  • Integrates with your website for easy booking and lead gathering

Adverank's tech-enabled ad management platform integrates with your property management system. You can run more targeted PPC campaigns with a better understanding of your customer base from your system.

Self-Storage Booking System

Most self-storage software systems have solutions that cover billing, tenant management, and bookings. They market themselves as all-in-one solutions that house all your customer data and transactions.

If you are looking for a self-storage booking system, there are a few tools that outshine their competitors. Specifically, you'll want to find tools that offer online booking for customers through your website.

In our age of convenience, you want to make the booking process as simple as possible for future tenants.

You will also want to see at a glance your available units to easily book tenants into the right unit. More leads will turn into customers if your business has an easy booking process that anyone can access online. Most tools also offer online payment processing as an added feature of online booking.

Now more than ever, "contactless" reservations and booking are popular features to offer customers. Several top self-storage management systems offer online booking and payments, plus document storage to keep track of required documents. Some systems offer tenant insurance documentation to find the best tenants for your units. Find a system that offers a contactless experience as a selling point for your customers.

Self-Storage Software Cost

Self-storage management software solutions typically work on a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) model. You can access the system and back up your data online through the cloud. These systems often charge on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

Self-storage software starts at about $30 a month to over $100 a month but can increase based on the total units in the facility. Some software services require a minimum unit count to use the service, so keep that in mind as you select your software.

Some tools are downloadable and work from your desktop rather than online. These tools can have a higher upfront cost, but less monthly recurring costs.

As you shop around for software options for your business, compare your costs between the two pricing models.

Some online services have more updated features as the monthly costs help with security updates and other services.

If you accept credit card payments, pay close attention to the credit card fees charged in each of the platforms you research. It is possible that some services will charge varying fees for credit card transactions. This could become a greater expense down the road, so make sure you know the different fees with each software option.

The Best Self-Storage Management Software

We've compiled some of the best self-storage management software with all-in-one management solutions. These companies offer booking options, tenant payment and application management, and more. 

These easy storage solutions software tools will help you harness your customer data and make better business decisions. As technology grows for the self-storage industry, cloud-based applications are becoming more popular. These tools often update themselves, and owners can access their business information from anywhere. Here are our top picks!

Yardi Breeze

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Top Features:

  • A daily, weekly, and monthly activity calendar and task list
  • Track RVs and boats on the property
  • Create and manage different unit types
  • List available units on popular listing sites
  • Online rent collection from tenants
  • Lead follow-up tasks scheduled in the system


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Top Features:

  • Automatic billing for tenants 
  • No limits on the number of units in the system
  • Late notices generated for tenants 
  • Manage invoices and receipts in the system




Storage Commander Cloud

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Top Features:

  • Manage your rental process online with e-signatures
  • Text messaging and website integration 
  • Generate reports on multiple facilities
  • To-do lists for your teams to stay organized


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Top Features:

  • Website booking and payments platform 
  • View and manage invoices from one system 
  • Automatic payment collection for tenants 
  • Create units in bulk 
  • Set move-in times for tenants


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Top Features:

  • Listing and syndication to market your facility on popular websites 
  • Online rent collection for tenants 
  • Set renter's insurance policies and track policy documents
  • Tenant screening to find the best tenants for your property 
  • Online lease signing for tenants


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Top Features:

  • A contactless booking process, from online booking to e-signatures 
  • Online payments for tenants 
  • Manage valet and self-storage operations from one platform 
  • Flexible options for offering discounts to potential customers 
  • Document management in the system to easily request identification and other documents

Self-Storage Manager Software Reviews and Tutorials.

The first step in choosing a self-storage facility software to work with is to research your options and compare. The more you know about your priorities and your options for self-storage software, the faster you will find a system that fits your business.

Prioritize Your Features

Create a list of features that are important to you and rank your options based on your needs. Is booking online and website integration more important to you than having a map of your complex? Make sure you have a list prepared of must-have features for your system.

Read Self-Storage Manager Software Reviews

Look for reviews on each platform and see how others feel about the platform's usability, price, and overall feel.

Try a Demo or Free Trial

Several of the leading easy storage solutions tools out there offer demos to test drive their features, or a free trial of the platform. With a free trial, you have a certain amount of time — typically 1-2 weeks — to test the system and see if it's a fit. You can also discuss the platform with someone from the company to make sure you see all it can offer.

Once you land on a software platform you want to buy, make sure you follow through on working in that system and training your staff. While these programs are powerful, you will only see results if you consistently work on the platform.