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Self-storage technology plays a key role in the efficient management of any facility.

In fact, if you’re not implementing technology into the way you manage a self-storage business, it’s likely you aren’t maximizing your potential. By keeping up with self-storage industry trends and using the technological services available, you can create effective pathways to saving time and money. 

According to a 2022 self-storage industry report, the global self-storage market reached a value of $51.32 billion in 2021, with projections leaning toward a value of $71.37 billion by 2027. This means there are a lot of people who’ve realized the value potential of being in the self-storage business. This also means there are a lot of future customers waiting to find the right business to lease from. And technology is at the forefront of increasing the value of a self-storage facility. [1]

Some ways technology is already being widely used in self-storage facilities include:
  • Remote monitoring
  • Security locks
  • Self-serve kiosks
  • Customer mobile apps
  • Easy-to-use online leasing through facility websites
  • Facility management software

Is there an untapped market for the use of technology in the self-storage industry? In this modern age of endless information available at any person’s typing-capable fingertips or anyone who can speak into a phone, the internet is playing one of the most important roles in bridging the gap between technology and self-storage industry growth. Why not take a piece of that growth for yourself? 

Beyond the seemingly obvious uses of self-storage technology to keep you working less and earning more, there are other key moves to be made that can help attract and engage with new customers, as well as keep up with current ones — this is where when done right, technology creates success. 

Did you know that 78% of location-based mobile searches result in an offline purchase? This means that your potential future customers are looking for businesses like yours online — checking out your website, your services, your blogs, even your pricing pages - and making decisions — eventually converting them to customers. [2]

C-suite executives are studying their own business models, their competition, and new ways to grow smarter, faster, are now looking for solutions to expand online marketing reach with advertising tools like social media and Google ads. And while PPC (pay-per-click marketing) can seem intimidating, too expensive, or even hard to manage, it's essential, as most internet searchers choose a business to work with based on rank, with those listed on the first page of local search results chosen by 92% of searchers.

Self-Storage Facility Management Software

Arguably one of the smartest and seemingly necessary ways to use technology in a self-storage facility is by using facility management software. Whether you run one facility or a dozen, it is no easy task.

As someone who owns or manages a self-storage facility, you understand that time is money — and neither are things you want to waste. Self-storage facility management software can include many important operational functions:
  • Tenant management and communication
  • Occupancy
  • Accounting systems
  • Marketing integrations
  • Multi-property capabilities
  • Customizable reporting

The real importance, and therefore benefit, of self-storage manager software lies in the functions the software provides. Be sure to research the tool you plan to use before choosing it. Decide what kinds of features your self-storage facility needs, as not all software is created equal. For example, a truly beneficial facility management software should help you manage, view, and edit information on your facility in a seamless and easily digestible way.

Some questions about features of a self-storage facility management software you should begin asking are:
  • Client Portal
  • Customer Management
  • Electronic Payments
  • Electronic Signature
  • Financial Management
  • Late Fee Calculation
  • Lead Management
  • Reporting & Statistics

There are many companies that offer self-storage management software, so owners and managers have plenty of options. The best way to decide on software is to create your own list of specific needs and compare each storage software company based on those needs. And don’t forget about self-storage industry trends — be sure the company you choose always knows what's coming next!

Something else to keep in mind is each company’s ability to integrate with other tools you may already be using and some you may want to use in the future.

Though it sounds like a niche topic, tools for advertising and marketing specific to the self-storage industry do exist. There are a lot of benefits to advertising in the self-storage industry. First, advertising efforts like pay-per-click ads, or PPC, require time, effort, and knowledge of the marketing industry — and time isn't something most self-storage managers have.

 And while many misinterpret the management of PPC ads and feel intimidated by the whole process, the opposite is true when you hire a partner company to enhance pay-per-click and advertising for your growing business.

 Looking for something simple and transparent? Adverank allows users to help manage or even pause PPC campaigns, giving facility owners and operators a chance to read through and understand the data, as well as provide feedback. Companies whose sole mission is to offer you competitive ad management, lead conversion, and more will guide you through the process, but they will need to integrate easily with your self-storage facility management software of choice.

Inside Self Storage

Speaking of industry trends, it isn’t enough that your vendors know what’s coming next.

Any facility owner or manager should be up-to-date with industry news and changes. You should know about news on everything related to your industry, from government changes to customer complaints that make national news — every piece of information is an opportunity to conduct your business better and create more of a positive impression on your target customers.

Think it doesn’t matter if you know the latest news published by the Self Storage Association? Think again.

Imagine a potential future customer comparing both you and your nearest local competition to decide who to lease from. You don’t keep up with the latest news on the industry, but your competition does. With that, your competition lists the latest and greatest security and safety features meant to make customers feel at ease with their facility, and you, sadly, do not. You’ve just lost a customer. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to stay up to date on industry trends.

Inside Self-Storage, or ISS, is a great tool for this task. For more than 32 years, ISS has supplied facility managers, owners, investors, and others with solutions to the challenges they face in the everyday world of self-storage facilities. There you can find news, a resource center including blogs and webinars, and the Inside Self Storage directory list featuring guides for buyers, a top operators list, and more. 

The Inside Self-Storage forum gets you front-row access to the self-storage facility community. Here, other like-minded individuals and professionals from all over the country come together to ask and answer the burning questions that plague the community of self-storage owners, managers, and employees.

Self Storage News

Inside Self-Storage is a great asset and a good place to find self-storage news, but it's just one of the available sources to keep up with industry updates. 

Another great option is the Self Storage Association, or SSA, for news on self-storage. The SSA is a not-for-profit organization that has been acting as the official trade organization and voice for both the U.S. and the international self-storage industry for over 40 years. It's also the registered lobbying entity representing some 49,000 self-storage facilities to the U.S. Congress and other federal departments.[3]

Without being aware of the latest news on self-storage trends, you may miss out on valuable information that could come in handy when thinking about how to scale your business or even acquire more facilities. News topics may help you be better equipped to deal with tenant issues, upgrade technology in your facility, experiment with new marketing strategies, or handle any emergencies that may arise.

Self Storage Magazines

Just like keeping up with news and changing trends, trade magazines help owners and managers understand their fellow trade members. Through trade magazines, such as Inside Self-Storage (ISS) Magazine, industry professionals can find articles from like-minded experts, read about new and essential products and services that can benefit their business, and gain operational insights from other professionals facing similar challenges and solving similar problems. 

Self-storage magazines may also be a great place to find new vendors for everything from upgrading security to marketing — an absolute must for any self-storage facility.  

There are also websites and blogs based around self-storage news and trends. The Inside Self-Storage site focuses on industry-relevant blog posts, educational tips, and other information sources related to the operation, development, and marketing of the self-storage industry.

Keeping Up With Your Marketing Needs.

Technology and marketing go hand in hand. If you’re not looking into marketing solutions for your self-storage facility, you could be missing out on prospects and, of course, profit. Adverank is a leading ad management platform specializing in the self-storage industry. As a technology-forward tool developed by experts in digital advertising, along with insights from top operators in the self-storage industry, your marketing efforts will get the edge it needs to boost brand awareness, customer loyalty, and of course occupancy.

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