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Technology is changing the world around us at an astounding rate. The rise of the internet has put real-time data at the fingertips of managers at all businesses, enabling them to make well-informed and timely decisions that offer the best benefit for their business.

Alongside this, the rise of the internet-of-things (IoT) and the growing utility of AI have allowed self-storage companies to incorporate tools that improve their facilities’ productivity, profitability, and presence.

The self-storage world isn't immune to the advent of technology. Self-storage tech is improving the management, profitability, and accessibility of self-storage facilities around the world. The ways in which self storage tech has impacted facilities and their management companies include:

  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Improving the return on marketing budgets
  • Streamlining systems and processes
  • Increasing employee productivity
  • Reducing management costs
  • Improving the customer experience
  • Increasing customer retention
  • Raising individual facility occupancy rates
  • Enhancing multi-venue management
  • Improving facility design
  • And much more!

The benefits brought forth by self-storage tech help facility employees and managers work smarter, not harder. Thereby increasing the return on investment for the facility’s management company and allowing them to grow and improve their business. All of these changes are made possible through the collection and use of self-storage data.

Putting in place processes to collect and use the data generated by a self-storage facility and, most importantly, its customers, is the first step to implementing self-storage tech for the greatest impact on the business. Self-storage data is split into two main buckets:

  • Customer data – can be used to inform decisions related to facility and service improvements and, most importantly, who you target with your marketing efforts to help increase your occupancy rates.
  • Facility data – helps you improve the customer experience and leverage self-storage tech solutions to improve the efficiency of how a facility operates. If you’re a multi-location operation, facility data also helps inform marketing efforts for other facilities and what you can expect from new locations.

The worlds of self-storage data and self-storage tech are moving at the same fast pace as the rest of our modern world. Self-storage operators need to keep on top of advances in both areas, so they can be sure they’re getting the absolute maximum out of their facilities.

Self Storage News

Security improvements—including the integration of self-storage tech solutions—are some of the most keenly watched in the industry, as are legislative changes that affect the self-storage industry and longer-term industry trends.

Industry Reports

Longer-term industry trends are often accessed through a self-storage industry report. Reports are produced by industry members like SpareFoot1 and Inside Self Storage[2]. They help operators understand what to expect in the near and long-term future and plan ahead to ensure the longevity and success of their operations.

Industry Magazines and Podcasts

Following self-storage news is the easiest way to stay abreast of trends and important legislative and tech changes in the industry. Facility managers and operators can stay informed in both the traditional way, by receiving print magazines like the Self Storage Association Magazine (SSA Magazine), and through the internet by subscribing to podcasts and mailing lists from industry publications and bodies such as the International Self Storage Association[4].

Association Books, Research, and Trade Shows 

The International Self Storage Association, also known as the Self Storage Association, is the official trade organization for self-storage operators and consists of over 6,000 operators operating over 22,000 facilities[5]. Members gain access to exclusive membership communications, a voice in the advocacy and lobbying efforts (at both a state and federal level) conducted by the Association, and the books and research it publishes on a regular basis.

The Self Storage Association also puts on two trade shows a year—one in Las Vegas and another in various locations east of the Mississippi. Each even gives industry members the rare opportunity to meet other operators in person, see and trail advances in self-storage tech, and attend talks and discussion on issues affecting the industry.

Industry Forums

To partake in ongoing discussions on self-storage industry news items in real-time, facility managers and operators can sign up to the Inside Self-Storage forum at the Self Storage Talk website[6]. Here, separate forums and discussion threads cover everything, from the latest self-storage news to advances in self-storage tech and day-to-day facility management.

Self-Storage Industry Trends

Like most industries, self-storage industry trends are often tech-focused.

Website Funnels

One of the most recent and constantly evolving trends in self-storage tech that has helped operators to improve customer service and acquisition is the offering of streamlined website funnels. Funnels allow customers to select and reserve their unit online, before they’ve even visited the facility!

Facility Management Technology

Technology has infiltrated almost every element of the self-storage world. This includes all types of tech, from Bluetooth locks to facility management software that allows operators to remotely manage multiple locations at once.

Self-Storage Marketing

Technology’s infiltration into the world of self-storage goes further than improving the customer and employee experience. One of the most important elements of self-storage facility management, self-storage marketing, has recently seen some great leaps forward.

It's no secret the internet has profoundly affected self-storage marketing. Operators no longer rely on word-of-mouth, billboard, and newspaper advertising. Instead, they've had to adjust their strategies to reach customers where most of them are now searching for answers to their self-storage solutions—online.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Recent self-storage industry trends for marketing include advances in how pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is managed. Previously deemed by many to be too expensive, PPC advertising is quickly being recognized as one of the most effective ways for self-storage operators to generate website traffic[7] helping to drive occupancy rates up!

These advances are, in large part, thanks to hassle-free tools like Adverank’s ad management tool, which is designed specifically for managing self-storage facilities. Adverank is at the cutting edge of PPC advertising for self-storage facilities and uses customer data and a facility’s occupancy goals to customize a budget. This is then used to fund advertising for keywords selected by Adverank’s team of self-storage industry and SEO experts.

Self Storage Design

Designing a successful self-storage facility to offer customers secure and easy storage solutions is an ever-evolving process. Self-storage design has many factors outside the necessary and obvious security and ease-of-access factors. A lot of forethought and work is required before the ground is even broken.

Factors affecting self-storage facility design include:

  • Security
  • Ease-of-access
  • Location
  • Storage services offered
  • Local government regulations
  • Local and national building codes
  • Environmental regulations
  • Available technology

When designing new systems incorporating some of the latest technological advances can help optimize facility management and maximize a facility’s profitability by automating processes, increasing security, and reducing operational costs. Like those mentioned earlier, self-storage magazines are one way operators can stay up-to-date with the latest advances in self-storage design, as is attending self-storage trade shows where the latest industry innovations are available for every attendee to see.

One of the biggest players creating innovative technology that advances the design of self-storage facilities is the OpenTech Alliance[8]. The OpenTech Alliance brings solutions to the industry that help improve customer and facility management and enhance the customer experience in self-storage facilities.

The state-of-the-art technologies offered by OpenTech Alliance are showcased at self-storage industry trade shows. But, for those who are unable to attend these events, OpenTech Alliance also has a permanent Experience Center9 in Phoenix, AZ, that acts as a self-storage simulator and allows facility operators to use and test the latest in self-storage technology before choosing which ones to implement in their facilities.

Self-Storage Facility Management Software

There are numerous levels of self-storage facility management software that can be employed for managing both single- and multi-unit operations. Self-storage software can help operators maximize their efficiency and increase their revenue while offering valuable insights into their business. Some systems also feature portals for customers to use to reserve units and pay their bills.

  • Number of units per facility
  • Number of facilities
  • Quantity of features in the software
  • Whether or not it offers a tenant self-service portal

The cost of self-storage facility software can vary greatly, and the price paid will depend on multiple factors, mainly:


The self-storage software cost is often calculated by the number of units a facility has, along with the number of facilities an operator wants to manage. Depending on what features are desired there are many different options available. Some of the best self-storage management software available, according to Capterra10, includes:
  • Unit Trac
  • Innago
  • Easy Storage Solutions
  • Storage Commander
  • Yardi Breeze

Each operator has different needs, and the best self-storage management software for one operator might not suit another. Some solutions come with built-in customer portals that can be used to sign agreements and pay bills. Other solutions offer operators rich customer and facility metrics, allowing them to deep dive into what is helping their business run and inform their marketing efforts further.

Self-storage facility software is just one element of the self-storage tech available to self-storage facility operators in both the USA and around the globe! Incorporating one of these systems into a facility allows operators to fine tune the facility management, making their operations more efficient while simultaneously increasing their profitability and improving customer satisfaction and retention.


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