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The self-storage industry has become more prolific over the last few decades; therefore, there is more competition for business.

That's why it's essential to have a solid marketing strategy in place. Storage companies must get their brand in front of target audiences to fill their units. One of the best marketing self-storage tips is to harness the power of Google Ads, self-storage management, and internal software. 

Google Ads is a service that allows companies to strategically place content or advertisements in locations where they can be viewed by people browsing the internet. Using this resource to reach a wide audience dramatically increases the likelihood that they will take notice. 

While you might not convert them immediately, just getting your company's name and offering in front of them is enough to create brand awareness, which is the first step in the process. Once a consumer can recognize your name or associate it with offerings that fulfill a need, you'll be far more likely to be considered when they search for a storage facility. 

 One big challenge for a company operating in the storage industry is turnover. People are constantly renting and leaving, which poses a unique challenge for storage facilities of all sizes. Whether you have a single location, are part of a chain, or manage a larger portion of a chain, you'll need to invest in paid advertising to ensure you stay competitive and have a steady stream of tenants. A robust self-storage marketing campaign can help with this issue, especially when you use the right strategy. Marketing storage units takes careful planning and an understanding of the market. 

Self-Storage Business Models

A self-storage business model can be customized to fulfill a particular need within a market.

For example, a self-storage business may decide to cater to a specific group or need in the industry. An example would be providing the temperature and climate-controlled units with high security to house collectibles or even wine. 

Other self-storage business models could include providing minimal security basic non-climate-controlled storage units on one side of the location and climate-controlled basic units on another half of the lot. Whatever your business model, you'll need to know how to market it correctly to attract the customer base you want to keep your units full at all times. 

Your business model is an important factor in marketing effectively. It's especially crucial if you decide to operate a storage facility that caters to a specialty market. The best way to accomplish this task is to use a solid strategy that includes a Google Ads campaign in addition to your other range of marketing tactics. 

Self-Storage Management Companies.

One of the biggest tasks associated with a self-storage business is the construction of the site. There are many challenges involved with this process. However, this portion of the project can be outsourced for convenience and to ensure the project is completed faster. Inexperience during the construction phase or miscommunications may cause delays or issues that take more time to resolve. When you outsource the construction phase, the contractor has the capability to clearly communicate to internal team members and get the job done faster.

Another key issue for self-storage businesses is site management. A self-storage manager has many tasks to juggle to ensure business flows smoothly and customers are served with a high degree of integrity. While many individuals may be able to handle this job effectively, you can be even more efficient when you outsource a self-storage manager. Self-storage management companies provide staffing and support that are highly capable of running today's modern self-storage facilities.

An outsourced facility manager also has the tools and resources they need to complete the job effectively and ensure the company's standards are met consistently. This approach to your storage unit's business model also ensures you're able to attend to other business matters more closely without being overwhelmed by day-to-day management duties.

Best Self Storage Software

There are some key elements to look for when you select storage unit software.

Although one common deciding factor may be self-storage software cost, there are also other great features that can make one product stand out from another. 

Some top software product options offer the ability to allow for e-signed rentals accessible online for reduced paperwork and payments available from your mobile device so customers can have a hassle-free experience. Some even have Google Pay and Apple Pay for even easier payment options. 

Not only does the best storage unit software make the process of renting and paying for storage unit fees easy for customers, but it also creates a streamlined business experience to help you scale your processes and make managing a storage facility less complex. Features like gage access controls, site maps, and enhanced data security allow you to stay on top of important management tasks and do it all from one easy-to-use software product. 

Some storage software examples would be Storage Commander Cloud and Easy Storage Solutions.

Ultimately, the best self-storage software is the one that meets your needs and allows you flexibility and features to make the customer's experience convenient and hassle-free and your daily business processes organized and secure.

Self Storage Advertising

Self-storage advertising requires some advanced planning and monitoring to be effective.

This highly competitive industry requires you to understand the market you are operating within and account for any special features that make your facility stand out. It is vital to understand your target audience and learn how to connect with them through traditional and modern marketing techniques. 

A few self-storage advertising ideas could be using interactive signage located throughout your city, harnessing the power of Google Ads, and using tried and true direct marketing strategies to cover a wide demographic. If you plan to place advertisements online or throughout your physical location, you'll need to have a strategy for where to feature them to get the most reach and engagement.

This part of the advertising process is especially important if you plan to use Google Ads. While this tool can be very beneficial, you'll need to know how to use it effectively to get the desired effect. Using a leading marketing company specializing in managing marketing campaigns in the storage unit industry can prove highly lucrative. It may allow you to get better ROI and visibility over time. 

Self-Storage Website Design.

The right web design can greatly impact your business workflows and efficiency.

Not only does it affect internal operations, but there's also the front-facing design that customers engage with when they want to learn more about your company or perform tasks like signing documents or paying for their storage unit fees. 

The goal is to make the software as user-friendly as possible and have access to custom features or flexible options that create a streamlined experience from the inside and outside. Luckily, some great self-storage solutions for website design can help you get the layout and features you want. 

Companies specializing in software services for storage unit facilities will likely also offer website design in their package of features. This service can ensure you get the options you want and allow for customization of the look, layout, and landing pages featured on the site. You'll also have a wide range of payment options for the online payment feature, if there is one, and the opportunity to give users a streamlined and user-friendly experience that hooks them and encourages them to reach out for more information or book a reservation. 

In terms of management of your website, many companies offering marketing, software products, and management support can also help you manage the website to ensure it stays bug-free, runs smoothly, and stay frequently updated, which is essential for the best security and operation.


Using the right software to manage your storage facility is essential in today's competitive digital world. Not only is the storage unit industry very competitive, but it's also making technological advances by leaps and bounds. It's worth exploring the most advanced and streamlined software options to make gaining visibility and improving reach more attainable.

You'll also enable your company to provide customers with a simple experience when researching your storage site's offerings and signing up for reservations. This integration cuts down on security risk, improves your overall image, and allows internal personnel and management to connect and work together seamlessly for optimal operation. 

If you are ready to begin working in the storage unit industry, or you already own or manage a facility and want to upgrade your internal processes and marketing strategy, it's time to begin working with industry-leading companies offering the services you need. Adverank is a company with offerings geared explicitly toward storage unit advertising and management.

We are committed to offering our clients the most advanced strategies that get results and provide them with the support and insight they need to grow and stay profitable. Reach out today to contact one of our knowledgeable team members to learn more about our offerings and how we can work together to get results.