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Without question, the self-storage industry is constantly evolving. To keep a competitive edge, industry professionals need to develop self-storage business ideas that are unique and creative.

An ideal location and customer service are not enough. Self-storage companies need to be strategic in their marketing and management efforts to gain an advantage over competition. Most successful self-storage businesses attribute their success to unique self-storage ideas to attract and retain customers.

Check out these ideas that can help with your marketing efforts.

Website Optimization

Website optimization helps self-storage businesses increase online visibility while attracting visitors and potential customers to their websites. Google Ads can help you optimize your website with carefully chosen keywords and ads that engage your target audience and create leads that eventually become customers.

Email Marketing

Sending targeted personalized emails can be an effective way to reach potential customers while engaging customers. For example, self-storage businesses can create email marketing campaigns based on triggers like sign-ups or abandoned carts., saving valuable time and increasing customer engagement.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are crucial for building brand awareness and attracting potential customers. Social media marketing establishes a connection with customers, building relationships that can lead to long-term loyalty. Social media marketing allows business owners to publish posts during peak times, schedule steady posts, analyze social data, and set up automated customer responses. This saves time while maintaining a social media presence.

Keeping Up With Technology

Effective management is critical in giving self-storage businesses a competitive edge. Apart from superior customer service, successful self-storage businesses use unique and creative strategies to set themselves apart.

Including technology could be the key to providing a convenience that makes your customers’ lives easier. Some of the latest trends in self-storage include:

  • Digital Automation
  • Storage Smart Entry
  • Climate Control Technology

Attracting new leads and customers, retaining current customers, and promoting your unique amenities on social media and elsewhere is the goal. Self-storage business owners and managers understand that their success depends on a marketing strategy focused on accomplishing this goal.

Storage Units

Self-storage has been a reliable solution for people looking to store their belongings for any reason. Available options should cater to the needs and preferences of your target audience. Here are some standard types of storage units.

Indoor Storage Units

Indoor storage units are located inside a building and range in size. Options include small lockers, larger units, or a storage unit somewhere between the two. Most indoor storage units are climate controlled, which protects items sensitive to extreme temperatures and/or humidity. Protection from the elements and fluctuating temperatures is the main advantage of an indoor storage unit. 

Outdoor Storage Units

Outdoor storage units are outside a building, though they may be connected. They also range from small sheds to garage-size and are usually on the ground floor for easy access. Driving up to the door for easy loading or unloading is one of the main benefits. Outdoor storage units are ideal for storing cars, vehicles, boats, or outdoor equipment.

Portable Storage Units

Portable storage units are delivered to a specific location and left at that location. Portable storage units are best for temporary storage while moving or renovating. Sizes vary depending on needs and preferences. 

Doing some online research and studying different self-storage websites is the best way to learn what other companies offer to keep up with the competition and even get new ideas for your business.

Life Storage provides a flowchart for choosing the right type of storage unit. “What are you storing?” is the ultimate question.
  • Personal belongings
  • Car, boat, or RV
  • Business files, inventory, or equipment
  • Decluttering and staging for a home sale
  • Subletting and Airbnb-ing
  • Remodeling
Public Storage provides self-storage tips and a size guide for many situations. 
CubeSmart provides self-storage units and offers resources and additional services.
  • Moving services
  • Organizational services
  • Logistics services
  • Office amenities

In addition to different sizes and types, facilities may offer features such as security cameras, remote video monitoring, gated access, remote controlled facility access, and flexible leasing options.

Self-Storage Solutions

The self-storage industry is highly competitive.

As a result, successful businesses constantly search for innovative ways to remain relevant and set themselves apart using self-storage solutions.

Fully Automated Self-Storage

The self-storage automation concept has completely changed the traditional experience by reducing operating costs and providing customer convenience. Fully automated self-storage uses technology to streamline the storage process while eliminating physical interaction with staff. This self-storage solution allows facilities to operate with limited personnel while relying on automation to handle security, rentals, and locking doors.

Climate Control Technology

Although climate control in a storage facility has been around for a while, self-storage businesses have adopted a modern approach with technological advancements. Climate control technology allows you to maintain a constant temperature and humidity level. This feature ensures that a customer's prized possessions are kept in optimal storage conditions, making it ideal for storing valuable items such as artwork, antiques, collectibles, and electronics.

Storage Smart Entry app

The Storage Smart Entry application is a popular self-storage solution that facilities offer to attract customers. It uses biometric identification, such as fingerprints or facial recognition, to grant access to storage units. It provides convenience and efficiency, while allowing customers to manage their storage units. In addition, this technology is highly effective in limiting access to authorized personnel, enhancing security, and preventing unauthorized entry.

Customers can choose from various innovative and unique self-storage solutions. The key to effectively marketing the self-storage solutions offered begins with the company’s website. The best self-storage websites have the following features:

  • Engaging homepage
  • High-quality images
  • Advanced search features
  • Product and service offerings
  • Complete address with a map that provides directions
  • Contact information

Successful self-storage businesses are constantly looking for smart, innovative new ways to attract and retain customers. Catering to customers' needs and preferences is the only way to ensure you're providing the ideal self-storage solution.

How to Start a Self-Storage Business

The self-storage industry has proven resilient and continues to experience significant growth. Currently, approximately 50,000 storage facilities are operating throughout the United States. Investing in this billion-dollar industry may be challenging, but it can prove lucrative with the proper balance of strategy and practicality.

Before investing in one of the most profitable businesses of 2023, consider some important factors. Access market research, statistics, and trends before moving forward. Consider attending the Self-Storage Income Conference, an annual event hosted by Self Storage Income and Tenant Inc., and network with industry experts and professionals.

Local, state, and national self-storage associations provide valuable information, as well as access to vendors, education, training, and certification programs to its members. The Self-Storage Academy is another resource that can simplify the process and provide the blueprint for how to start a self-storage business. 

The success of any business depends on making an informed decision, understanding the demand, and creating a solid self-storage business plan. The efficiency of maintenance, accounting, management, marketing, and technology is essential to operating a profitable self-storage business.

Consider the following self-storage growth ideas.
  • Run a pay-per-click ad campaign.
  • Use referral incentives.
  • Promote unique products and services.
Aside from thorough market research and finding the right location, there are certain legal requirements for starting a self-storage business.
  • Register the business.
  • Obtain the proper permits and/or licenses.
  • Comply with any applicable zoning laws or building codes.

Once financing is secured and construction has begun, or you've occupied the premises of an existing business you've purchased, developing a marketing strategy is the next essential step. Creating brand awareness and attracting customers is the ultimate goal.

Self-Storage Marketing Strategy.

A successful self-storage business needs a strategic marketing plan. Whether it's climate-controlled units, 24-hour access, or special security features, a self-storage marketing strategy should highlight unique selling points and features that differentiate your facility from the competition. 

Although there will be a learning curve, self-storage coaching can help develop an effective marketing strategy that connects your unique selling points with your target audience. Invest to continuously learn what works for your business and customers alike. 

The Storage Rebellion provides self-storage investing coaching, which provides monthly education that answers questions and also guides investors with a blueprint for success in the self-storage industry. Inside Self-Storage offers cost-effective ways to improve the overall operation of a self-storage business, while providing helpful advice to industry professionals.

Self-Storage University offers a self-study investing home study course that gives a step-by-step guide to finding, buying, and operating a successful self-storage business. In addition, the Self-Storage Association provides education and training through self-storage classes, conferences, trade shows, and workshops that help define, refine, and implement the ideal marketing strategy. 

Plan on regular monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness of your self-storage advertising and marketing efforts. Most importantly, adjust your marketing strategy when necessary. It’s the best way to experience success in this rapidly growing industry.

There are several key components to operating a successful self-storage business. Marketing is definitely one of them. The professionals at Adverank can help you develop your self-storage growth ideas through pay-per-click ad campaigns and other marketing efforts, so you can focus on the important tasks of operating your business and taking your self-service self-storage operation to the next level!


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