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The self-storage automation concept has completely changed the traditional experience by reducing operating costs and providing customer convenience. Fully automated self-storage facilities operate with limited to no staff while relying on automation to handle security, rentals, and locking doors.

For decades, self-storage has been a reliable solution for people looking to store their "things" for various reasons. However, the traditional self-storage process requires customers to physically visit the facility, communicate with staff, and manually manage their accounts. All can be extremely inconvenient for people who live far from the facility or have busy schedules.

Hence, the solution — fully automated self-storage.

Fully automated self-storage uses technology to streamline the storage process while eliminating the need for physical interaction with staff. This innovative concept in the storage industry is a game-changer. It allows customers to reserve and manage their unit(s) online, access their "things" with a secure code, and remotely monitor their accounts online or through a storage smart entry app.

The process begins with selecting a unit size and location online while having the option to add additional features such as climate control and 24/7 access. After reserving the unit, customers are issued a unique access code to enter the selected unit. Customers then use their access code to enter the building, monitored with sensors and cameras for security. And customers load and/or unload their "things" without staff assistance.

Fully automated self-storage offers several benefits, including improved efficiency, increased security, and a better customer experience overall. Customers can manage their storage needs remotely. It also provides a self-service experience that eliminates the traditional necessity of assistance from staff, which is more cost-effective.

For storage facility owners, fully automated self-storage provides several perks: 

  • Fully automated self-storage reduces the need for staff or call centers, resulting in long-term savings.
  • Storage facility owners can adjust to supply and demand easier and quicker.
  • Reservations can be made through self-service.
  • Self-storage automation includes enhanced security, providing 24/7 monitored activity.
  • Customers who value technology are attracted to the concept, which attracts a broader range of customers and improves the ultimate customer experience.

Fully automated self-storage is an innovative, groundbreaking, technology-driven concept that resolves many issues associated with traditional self-storage. Also, fully automated self-storage provides a convenient, cost-effective, and secure storage solution that gives both customers and storage facility owners options.

Self-Storage Technology

The success of a self-service self-storage business relies on the efficiency of maintenance, accounting, management, marketing, and technology. Self-storage facility owners are increasingly embracing technology to operate their businesses simply because it saves them time and money.
The self-storage industry has experienced tech advancements that have provided an upgraded level of convenience, security, and efficiency. Some of the latest technology trends in self-storage are listed below.


Automation allows customers to reserve and manage their storage units online, access their "things" using secure codes, and monitor accounts from anywhere. Most importantly, automated storage facilities come equipped with cameras and sensors to monitor activity, which ensures security and safety.

Cloud-based Software

Cloud-based software is another trend in self-storage technology, which allows storage facility owners to manage their businesses from anywhere using any device. Owners can use the same self-storage technology customers use to efficiently manage reservations, payments, and customer accounts, improving operational efficiency and providing convenience.

Storage Smart Entry App

The Storage Smart Entry application is a popular feature in automated storage facilities. It uses biometric identification, such as fingerprints or facial recognition, to grant access to storage units. This technology is highly effective in limiting access to authorized personnel, which not only enhances security but prevents unauthorized entry.

Climate Control Technology

Climate control technology provides the ability to maintain a constant temperature and humidity level. This feature ensures that a customer's prized "things" are kept in optimal storage conditions, making it ideal for storing valuable items such as artwork, antiques, and electronics.

Digital Displays

Digital displays are a common feature in self-storage facilities, providing customers with pertinent information about the public storage facility's services, promotions, and pricing. The ultimate goal is to increase awareness and customer engagement while providing a memorable public storage experience.

Using technology could possibly be the key to attracting new customers and retaining existing ones by providing a convenience that makes their lives easier.

Self-Storage Automation Software

Self-storage automation has also changed due to advancements in technology. Self-service self-storage facilities are increasing the usage of software to automate how they operate their business while offering a more convenient and efficient storage experience.

Management software is an important tool for streamlining certain administrative tasks for self-storage facilities, such as booking and reservation management, billing and invoicing, and customer communications. Self-storage automation software provides real-time information about occupancy, availability, and revenue, allowing business owners to make strategic decisions. 

Access control software is a software solution used in self-storage automation, which facilitates the process of granting access to customers. Customers can access their storage units through unique codes, keycards, or facial recognition, ensuring secure access for authorized personnel only. 

Self-storage facilities also use inventory management software, a tool for tracking and managing inventory, as well as the condition and location of items. This software ensures that a customer's "things" are safely and securely stored, with easy access whenever needed. 

Storage Smart Entry apps are another solution used by self-storage facilities to automate the storage experience. Customers can manage their storage units, make payments, and access their "things" through their mobile devices. The app also gives customers a convenient and flexible provision to manage their storage needs while offering a streamlined and efficient service.

Ultimately, the software used by self-storage facilities to automate their operations has led to significant changes in the public storage industry. The variety of software solutions available has transformed the self-service self-storage experience for customers. As technology evolves, the industry can expect to experience developments in self-storage automation that offers a more convenient and efficient storage experience.

Storage Management Software.

Self-storage facility owners and operators rely on storage management software to enhance operational efficiency and provide superior customer service. It provides several features that help improve administrative functions such as reservation management, revenue management, invoicing, and communicating with customers.

It also helps save time and resources, allowing business owners to focus on other elements of their business.

Real-time occupancy and revenue reporting is another feature of storage management software. Business owners can access up-to-date information on occupancy levels, generated revenue, and outstanding payments. It also helps them to make decisions regarding pricing, promotions, insurance, security, and other industry-related issues.

Storage management software also provides reporting and analytics tools, which give facility managers detailed reports regarding:

  • Unit occupancy
  • Rental rates
  • Customer demographics
  • Customer preferences

This provision allows managers to make data-driven decisions resulting in increased revenue and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Mobile apps are another feature of storage management software that gives customers a convenient and flexible way to reserve and manage their storage units, make payments, and access their "things" using electronic devices. This feature also allows facility operators to offer a streamlined and efficient service, which improves the overall customer experience.

Storage management software helps business owners identify innovative ways to reduce operating costs and increase revenue. The goal is to tap into resources that offer operational efficiency while overcoming operational challenges and gaining an advantage over the competition. As the automation of self-storage facilities develops, business owners can focus on their customers and their bottom line.

Self-Storage Marketing Automation

Marketing is essential to running a successful self-storage facility. Self-storage marketing automation can help efficiently streamline marketing efforts. Here are a few effective ways to use automation for self-storage marketing:

Email Marketing Automation

Sending targeted and personalized emails can be an effective way to reach potential customers while keeping current customers engaged. With email marketing automation, managers can easily schedule and automate email campaigns based on triggers such as sign-ups or abandoned carts. This not only saves valuable time but also increases customer engagement.

Social Media Management Automation

Using social media platforms is crucial for building brand awareness and attracting potential customers. Social media management automation optimizes social interactions using automated tools. It allows business owners to publish posts during peak times, schedule steady posts, analyze social data, and set up automated customer responses. This saves time while maintaining a social media presence.

Website Optimization Automation

Website optimization automation can help increase productivity by allowing time usually spent on SEO on marketing. Website optimization automation can be used for analyzing backlinks, rank tracking, site monitoring, and competitor monitoring. There are tools available that can make it easier to optimize a website for both search engines and user experience.

There are several key components to operating a successful self-storage business.

Marketing is definitely one of them. Automating self-storage marketing can not only save time but ultimately increase customer engagement.

The professionals at Adverank can help you improve your marketing efforts so you can focus on other vital tasks of operating your business.

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