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Leveraging self storage web templates fortifies your corporate brand's integrity and simplifies seamless client-business interactions. It serves as an invaluable resource for existing clientele to access myriad services, concurrently acting as an integral tool in a meticulously planned digital marketing initiative.

This approach is geared towards captivating potential customers and transforming them into actual business patrons. Self storage web templates are a powerful conduit for constructing an exceptional, professional-grade online presence.

However, to accomplish these goals, you need to implement the following characteristics correctly:

  • Home page
  • User interface
  • Search Filters
  • Navigation map
  • Images
  • Service Guide
  • Contact page
  • FAQ section

You can build your website from scratch or take the shorter way of using pre-designed website templates. Either way, self storage website creation requires forethought and careful planning. Customers and prospects will find it easy to interact with a creative website whose owners have spent time and effort promoting their business.

Simplicity is another thing to consider when seeking self storage website templates. What customers want is a place they can store their belongings safely. Therefore, having plenty of information on your website is counterproductive. No one has the time to scroll and read tons of literature. So, opt for minimalist templates that help you quickly convey the message.

Undoubtedly, self storage is a complex business requiring you to explain the meaning of its concepts. There is also industry jargon that many customers don’t know yet, the more reason why you should communicate in a clear language.

In addition, create SEO-friendly content that keeps your website at the top of search engine rankings. Most importantly, optimize the website so new customers seeking self storage in your area can locate you and reserve services.

On the other hand, think about the quality of images and stick to the old thousand-word adage. Show your clients professional photos of your storage facility. Even better, the images should depict people using the self storage units. Choose a suitable self storage WordPress theme that best captures these images and videos demonstrating the usage of your storage facility. You can also post videos detailing a tour of storage units. Equally, find templates with the flexibility to capture still and video content.

Since most of the search traffic will come from mobile devices, optimize your self storage website for faster downloads on phone and tablet screens. Find web templates that will eventually yield a responsive design. Doing so helps customers interact with your website, find the information they need and easily procure your services.

Self Storage Management Software.

Self storage management software is another critical cog in your business that helps keep your operations running smoothly.

The software removes the manual workload and simplifies client reservations, tenancy allocation, payment management, and report generation tasks. Additionally, some software solutions provide the added advantage of integrating with third-party accounting software.

Here’s what to look for when shopping for self storage software:

  • Ease of use
  • Cloud-based or hybrid
  • Tenant management
  • Lease management
  • Sales and financial reports
  • Reviews
Let’s dive into each in detail.

Ease of Use

In all business spheres, software exists to simplify operations. Therefore, self storage management software should be easily navigable. Every task, be it a customer making a reservation, paying for the service, or a manager generating reports, should be seamless.

Cloud-Based or Hybrid

Cloud-based software boasts accessibility from anywhere as long as there is internet connectivity. It is also cost-beneficial since the provider hosts it on their servers. Additionally, software on the cloud runs on desktop and mobile devices. Besides flexibility and accessibility, cloud solutions are adaptable and integrate with numerous third-party systems.

Hybrid software, on the other hand, leverages both physical and cloud-based systems. Despite the benefits derived from cloud-hosted software, any interruption in internet connectivity renders you incapable of accessing the software. However, having both ensures uninterrupted access and only requires switching to a physical computer.

Tenant Management

Proper tenant screening is crucial in business cash flow management. Inadequate or poor screening often leads to delayed rent and other problems that eventually lead to evictions. Therefore, check for a screening feature in your target software. It should also be easy to customize tenant screening by implementing self-created standards.

Lease Management

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, most businesses opted for non-contact virtual trade. If your target audience resonates with this type of convenience, you can install software that facilitates the virtual signing of storage space leasing contracts. Moreover, high-quality software lets you capture and store leases and other documents. Find one with this feature but whose inclusion does not inflate the cost.

Sales and Financial Reports

Not all software companies have products that can generate sales and financial reports. However, you can benefit from procuring a software platform that integrates all these products. It saves the cost of separate accounting solutions such as QuickBooks, Xero, or Sage.


Users are the best to review software since they have interacted with it and know whether it ticks the right boxes. In that regard, always read the target software reviews. Find out the quality ratings usually shown out of five stars. While at it, check out how recently these ratings were posted. Another thing, compare the software ratings across different review sites. This way, you will better understand how good this software is, based on the reviews. 

Digital Advertising.

An appealing and well-optimized website supported by quality software is an excellent foundation. However, having a marketing plan to advertise your services and attract renters is critical. It's worth noting that the self storage industry is highly competitive due to its growing popularity.
Now that you’ve focused on the brick-and-mortar aspects, it’s time to make your venture a top-of-mind thing for customers. Here are some practical digital advertising ideas that you should consider implementing.
  • Set up an online business profile
  • Capture customer reviews
  • Take photos and add them to your profile page
  • Optimize your website

Set Up an Online Business Profile

The majority of your target customers search for self storage services online. Most do their searches on Google. Therefore, setting up a Google business profile is the first consideration. It is one of the most straightforward tasks that involves:

  • Profile creation
  • Finding the self storage business category
  • Adding your location
  • Adding your website address
  • Verification

You can complete your profile with as much information as possible. Doing so allows Google to rank your business and display your profile to prospects searching for self storage services within your locality.

Capture Customer Reviews

Customers that post online reviews are your best advertising tool. They tell the world how good or bad your self storage facilities are, feedback search engines like Google consider. These reviews can significantly influence potential customers' decisions to choose your service. 

Therefore, it's essential to encourage customers to leave comments about your business and services. At the same time, make an effort to respond to the reviews as a sign of engagement.

Take Photos and Add Them to Your Profile Page

Self storage renters choose your facility based on what they see online. Show them everything that will help them decide. Post pictures of the property’s exterior, interior, and storage spaces you provide. 

Capture your signage, parking space, security cameras, client reception area, and dollies. Another thing, take good snapshots or hire a professional photographer to do it. Upload the best photos both on your website and business profile.

Optimize Your Website

You can optimize your website to maximize its performance and achieve online success. The templates you chose will help you curate a site everyone enjoys browsing. Bring out your best side and convince prospects that you’re on top of the competition. Your website optimization process should leverage a tech-enabled ad management platform to streamline ad placements, increasing audience engagement and superior conversion rates.

Keywords infused in the website’s content are crucial in making your business search-engine friendly. This exercise requires insight into customers' exact words to search for self storage units. You can also integrate pay-per-click ads to encourage customers to purchase your products and services. Equally, it increases the number of clicks and online leads. 

Contrary to prevalent misconceptions, PPC advertising can be a cost-effective marketing strategy, with budget control settings allowing you to spend only what you can afford. Plus, its complexity should be manageable for you. Our user-friendly tools can streamline the management process, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. You can optimize your website with PPC and discover a scalable, customizable solution to reach your audience more effectively.

Self Storage Marketing Plan.

Adverank is your go-to professional for assistance in developing a self storage marketing plan. We offer a platform that integrates with property management systems such as storEDGE and SiteLink to help manage your marketing campaigns.

Moreover, our proprietary algorithms leverage artificial intelligence to identify the best times for running social boost campaigns. These features ensure customers seeking storage solutions see your ads immediately.

Even more fascinating, Adverank offers various online tools that give you the best ROI on PPC spending. Collaborating with us opens the door to invaluable insights and suggestions, allowing you to make informed decisions and have the freedom to accept or decline them.

You can sign up for any of our three plans: Advantage, Adjuster, and  Monitor. They all offer property management system data at different levels. The Advantage plan grants you access to PPC management tools, and you can also view essential statistics like revenue and clients moving in and out.

 If your occupancy levels are satisfactory, we recommend signing for the Adjuster plan. It offers you similar data minus social boosts. For third-party self storage managers, we recommend the Monitor plan.

Schedule a free demo today and choose a suitable plan that meets your needs. You can always upgrade or downscale depending on the data you want to see.