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Self-storage digital advertising services refer to the professional assistance that self-storage companies can obtain to enhance their digital advertising strategies. While digital advertising is relatively new, effective advertising has always been essential for achieving and sustaining success with self-storage businesses.

Self-storage advertising is important as those in need of self-storage are often actively looking for facilities in their area. The time between seeing an ad that appeals to them and renting a self-storage unit can be very short.

Whereas in the past most might have looked in the local newspaper, people now look to their devices. When surveyed, more than a third of Americans said they use the internet multiple times a week to search for local services. So, including digital advertising in the overall marketing strategy is essential for any self-storage company wanting to compete in today's self-storage marketplace. The problem is that everyone knows this and most self-storage businesses are running online ads.

Digital advertising only works when the ads are seen and in a competitive market, achieving this can be tricky. A traditional way of standing against the competition is to take out the largest ad in the newspaper. Doing the equivalent with digital advertising isn't as simple, but it has the potential to be much more effective. Digital advertising goes above and beyond traditional advertising in a number of beneficial ways:

  • Precise targeting: The most effective digital ads allow businesses to reach specific audiences based on demographics, interests, and online behavior.
  • Real-time analytics: Digital advertisements provide a wealth of measurable data which enables accurate tracking and can inform the direction of future campaigns.
  • Flexibility: Unlike traditional ads (print, radio, TV) which are difficult and expensive to modify after launch, most digital ads can be easily adjusted and optimized throughout the course of a campaign.
  • Cost-effective: With many digital ads, businesses only pay for the results they receive and it no longer takes a huge budget to impact a large audience.

Digital advertising gives greater control over many aspects of the creation and management of advertisements, but fully utilizing its potential requires dedicated effort. Working with a digital advertising services company that specializes in the self-storage industry forgoes the pain of trial and error. The best digital advertising services companies for self-storage business owners and managers are those that can provide comprehensive services. Getting expert assistance with things such as self-storage advertising ideas can greatly improve the chance of reaching and appealing to the intended audience, and ultimately convert more of them into paying clients.

Self-Storage Marketing Agency

The saying,  'Jack of all trades, master of none,' sometimes comes to mind when thinking of non-tech companies that attempt to handle their own online advertisements! But did you know that the complete saying is actually, 'Jack of all trades, master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one'? Well, this certainly isn't true of digital advertising! Digital advertising is an extensive field in its own right, so it's much better to have the guidance of those that know it inside out. When it comes to online ads for self-storage companies, self-storage marketing agencies are the masters.

Employing the expertise of a self-storage marketing agency is often the most fruitful step self-storage companies can take to elevate their online advertisements. By outsourcing their digital advertising needs, companies can benefit from the knowledge and experience of a whole team that lives and breathes digital marketing. Even if a company can find someone to do this in-house, the experience, creativity, and knowledge of an entire agency is impossible to beat.

Choosing a marketing agency that specializes in the self-storage industry allows you to get straight to the point. These agencies already understand self-storage management companies so you won't waste time explaining things that a general marketing agency might not know. Here are three key factors to consider when choosing a self-storage marketing agency:

  • Customized approach: Self-storage companies vary in terms of their size, location, services, and target audience. Therefore, the marketing agency should be able to provide a customized approach that meets the specific needs and goals of each self-storage company.
  • Track record of success: Look for evidence that the agency has succeeded in helping other companies reach similar goals. Reputable agencies will be able to provide case studies and genuine testimonials that attest to their ability to deliver.
  • Range of services: Digital marketing is a broad field that encompasses many different methods. To get the best results, look for an agency that ticks more than one box — online advertising is only the tip of the digital marketing iceberg.

Self-Storage Software

Self-storage software solutions are professional tools that help storage facilities optimize the efficiency of their operations. Self-storage facility management software automates various aspects of running a self-storage facility. Most commercial software solutions for self-storage companies share essential features including unit management, automated invoicing, customer portals, and reporting. The advantages of some features can reach beyond their initial appearance. For example, capacity monitoring capabilities can forecast capacity. Such forecasts can then guide advertising strategies, which may result in improved occupancy rates. Self-storage software also usually integrates with other software to further extend its capabilities.

Facility management software is popular with self-storage business owners and operators because it has the potential to streamline their daily operations. Two instrumental benefits of utilizing dedicated software solutions are that they can reduce a company's overall operational costs and help businesses deliver better services to their customers. The best self-storage software solutions offer a comprehensive range of features and are highly customizable to individual needs. Such specialized software is an investment but the benefits it brings quickly offset the self-storage software cost.

Self-Storage Website Design

The days when a website was an optional extra for self-storage facilities are long gone. As the percentage of the population that grew up with the internet increases, a well-designed, user-friendly self-storage website will become even more important. Self-storage websites are often the first impression a potential customer gets of a company and visitors will form an opinion in seconds.

An often-overlooked benefit of a website is the role it can play in marketing. Self-storage websites can be optimized so that they play an active role in guiding potential customers through the purchase journey. Many self-storage website builders integrate with popular commercial marketing software so businesses can set up integrations like this themselves. Using a self-storage website builder enables people to build professional websites without needing any knowledge of coding.

When it comes to self-storage website design, it's important to remember that the majority of visitors are likely to access the site via a cell phone. This makes responsive website design vital — nothing turns people away faster than an unresponsive website crammed into a small screen. The best self-storage websites are easy to navigate and provide the information potential customers need. Offering different ways to get essential info can make the site more accessible, for example, including a video tour of the facilities as well as written descriptions.

Self-Storage Business Plan.

Marketing a self-storage business can present unique challenges and considerations when compared to marketing many other types of businesses.

If you start paying attention to the advertisements you come across, you’ll notice that many are aimed at one specific customer. A unique aspect of marketing self-storage facilities is that they often have a very diverse customer base that consists of multiple target audiences. How a business intends to market itself to such a varied customer base is an important element of a self-storage business plan.

Strategies may include targeted campaigns aimed at different customer segments, such as those needing vehicle or climate-controlled storage. Digital advertising enables multiple campaigns to run and be tracked simultaneously so that the most effective methods can be identified. Other strategies might aim to reach a wider audience by highlighting universally valued features such as security and pricing.

Two other aspects of self-storage facilities that should be key considerations in a self-storage business plan are that they frequently have multiple locations and competitors may offer very similar services. Some ways of incorporating these aspects when marketing include:

  • Focus on convenience: Focusing on how easy it is to rent from your business may be what's needed for a potential customer to choose one company over another. Promoting things such as 24-hour access, online account management, and customer service are good selling points for customers that value convenience.
  • Employ location-specific marketing: It's no use if a self-storage company's digital ads are getting seen by potential customers that are hundreds of miles away from their facilities. Utilizing advertising features to target customers in specific locations ensures that ads are shown to those nearby.
  • Highlight unique aspects: Showcasing features that other self-storage facilities don't offer can help your self-storage business stand out from the competition. This could be incredible security or discounted rates for veterans.
  • Build your brand: Having an instantly recognizable brand is a great way to differentiate a self-storage business from similar competitors. Branding strategies that focus on aspects such as convenience and unique selling points can help potential customers connect your brand with positive qualities.